facebook has introduced the option of removing yourself from feeds.

we feel this is adequate and fair, and therefore unless further Feeds issues are demonstrated: there is no need for a september 12 boycott

in short: mission accomplished

much thanks to the media for picking up on this webpage
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wired online, usa today, the times online, and yahoo news/the nation
thanks also to the hartford courant, the only paper i gave a real interview to, for treating this as professionally as possible

i will be leaving the original text up, thank you for visiting, and thank you for supporting the boycott

also, thank you to facebook for being responsive to your users, a day without your site was going to be tough...

A Day Without Facebook
A call for Facebook users to boycott Facebook on September 12, 2006

Why take this day-off?

As Facebook users we are almost universally against the new Feeds, and yet the response from Facebook has been to completely ignore our complaints, and in fact, in one response “Pete” our friendly customer service representative is actually boasting about some of the most complained about features. There are over 350 anti-Feed groups on facebook now, and less than 5 in favor of the development.

Clearly the Facebook organization is not listening.

Who should take the day off of Facebook?

Everyone! High Schoolers, College Students, Professionals, even our newly invited Politicians should take the day off Facebook!

What does a day without Facebook accomplish?

It is becoming blatantly apparent that the powers that run Facebook are no longer in it for the community or the users. While we have all appreciated Facebook, it is not a necessary part of our lives. And it is not the only way we can keep track of our friends. Think of the previous social networking sites that were hot for a time and eventually were replaced. Facebook is no different than Orkut or Friendster, it can be replaced.

Do we want to replace Facebook? No, but it would be nice to have the organization be responsive to the concerns of the vast majority of its users.

Who should support the Day Without Facebook?

Primarily, the Microsoft corporation should support the Day Without Facebook. Microsoft and Facebook have recently entered an agreement for Microsoft to provide the advertising content for the Facebook network. The new Feeds advertise themselves as a way to have less clicking and searching. Clicking, searching, and opening multiple pages is the bread and butter of click-through advertising. By changing the delivery method – Facebook has changed Microsoft’s ability to make money.

Without insulting Microsoft, it is not a corporation I imagine takes lightly people messing with its money. Again, this is said in as nice a way possible, Microsoft has used its power and authority in other business ventures and dealings before. It would make sense for Microsoft to support the end users (and clickers of advertisements) of the Facebook agreement.

Secondly, the Politicians should get involved. Coupled with the new Feeds, Facebook has recently invited every political candidate to launch a Facebook page, and has created the “Support” system where Facebook users can choose to publicly support a favored candidate. Normally I would never advocate government intervention of any means, but Facebook has already opened the doors to our lawmakers and governing officials. Threaten an investigation, propose legislation, demand accountability; whatever it takes. You want us to be involved in what you do, perhaps a first step is to get involved with what matters to us. I’d love to see a thousand press secretaries issuing a thousand releases tomorrow calling for facebook to be responsive to its users.

Finally, the most addicted of us should support this. As stated above, it is believed that Facebook makes its money off of click-through advertisements. Without its most prolific viewers and clickers, Facebook would not survive. I know it will be hard, but if you pledge to support the day without Facebook, your friends will notice.

Why do the Feeds make so many of us angry?

There is one major reason there is a sense of anger over the Feeds feature.

It damages what privacy was left on Facebook. Before Feeds, it was already easy enough to stalk anyone at your school, and everyone on your friends list; but with the advent of Feeds, it is now nearly impossible not to be “stalked” or to “stalk”

Without even trying an individual now knows the changing relationship status of individuals on their friends list, the new “friendships” added by users, and the photos tagged by either a user or a user’s friends.

It is almost impossible now to keep your information to yourself. In the last year this has become incredibly important as we have seen judicial actions brought against students based solely on photos posted on facebook, we have heard of cases concerning actual stalking where Facebook was the accused main form of information, and we have seen employers who have begun using Facebook to check on potential employees.

Before Feeds there were steps that could be taken to prevent your information becoming everyone’s property; now there is literally no option to prevent your information from going completely public.

This feature was not requested by the users, and the users are not given a chance to opt out of it.

There are other reasons users are complaining, ranging from the fact it takes away the time-wasting aspect of Facebook to aesthetic complaints about the new look.

Clearly there is a desire to not have Feeds be the Facebook standard.


This is why we are suggesting users boycott Facebook on Tuesday, September 12, 2006
If there are no changes made to retract some of the Feeds utility.

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